WEBIT-C2, continuity in a modern form

The familiar WEBIT-C controller has been replaced by the modern WEBIT-C2 controller. As both computer boards are compatible connection- and function-wise, the long-term availability of spare parts is also guaranteed for the tried-and-tested WEBIT-C controls.

The benefits of the WEBIT-C2 include easy handling that is as convenient as with the large ones. Modern, robust, uncomplicated, designed for lift manufacturers who prefer a control unit with conventional shaft wiring.

Fast and faultless installation

Plug & use means for you: installation cost savings. Install the preconfigured control elements, plug in the cables, start up – it couldn’t be easier!

Convenient status monitoring

The tried-and-tested EasyCheck function makes monitoring the system status and possible error messages as easy as pie.


Your customers are located all around the world. Which is why the languages German, English, Turkish and Polish are already integrated at delivery.

Key Data

  • 15 stops maximum
  • 3m/s maximum travel speed

Meets the standards EN 81-1/2+A3; EN 81-20/50


Single-board computer

WEBIT-C2 add-on modules:

  • Safety circuits
  • UCM
  • Relevelling/landing with early door opening
  • IO modules


  • Modern, powerful processor
  • CANopenLift interfaces for:

    • Absolute encoder shaft copying (AWG)
    • IO modules


  • Menu-navigated TÜV test
  • Remote control and data backup on the mobile phone in protected WLAN area by means of optional Raspberry Pi


  • Remote control access by modem, or Ethernet

WEBIT-C2 – new engineering in the tried-and-tested format

The WEBIT-C2 is a modular single-board control system of conventional design (without car computer) based on CANopenLift (CiA 417), suitable for regulated and unregulated hydraulic and cable elevators. The computer board of the WEBIT-C2 is 100 % compatible with the WEBIT-C, which has been sold thousands of times, in connection terms.

Technical data

General data:

  • Meets the standards EN 81-1/2+A3; EN 81-20/50
  • 15 stops maximum
  • 3m/s maximum travel speed

Electrical data

Supply voltage: 24V DC


  • 32 inputs, 24V DC, 10 of them freely configurable
  • 24 outputs, 24V DC, 8 of them freely configurable
  • 16 I/O interfaces (calls)
  • 8 relays, 2 of them configurable
  • Safety circuit inputs 230V DC
  • Input for PTC thermistor


  • CAN 1: connection for absolute encoder shaft copying
  • CAN 2: connection for I/O extension card PL 451E-CAN
  • RS232 interface: e.g. for connecting control technology
  • USB host: for connecting USB sticks, modems
  • USB device: for connecting laptops for diagnosis and software updates


  • Illuminated LCD display with menu-navigated plain text user interface
  • 6 navigation buttons


The WEBIT-C harbours an extensive range of standard functions.


  • Parking rides
  • Dynamic fire event ride
  • Firefighting ride
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Energy-IQ energy-saving function


Multi-stage access authorization by way of passwords possible.

Service features (excerpt):

  • Fault, maintenance and report ring buffer up to 128 entries

    • Fault type with floor and time stamp (date and time)
    • Fault list (fault type with floor and frequency)

  • Maintenance intervals definable by:

    • Rides
    • Hours
    • Date

  • All inputs and outputs of the WEBIT-C2 feature LEDs for signalling the current terminal status

Installation support:

  • Colour-coded wiring diagrams
  • Preconfigured travelling cables, shaft wiring and tableaus

Multilingual menu system:

  • German
  • English
  • Turkish
  • Polish

Remote system control and/or diagnosis (optional):

Remote system control and/or diagnosis by WLAN/Ethernet with mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Computer dimensions: 420 mm x 230 mm x 35 mm (L x W x H)