On the art of managing motion…

The higher the level at which we move, the greater the requirements for safety, precision and know-how. Which is exactly the claim of modern lift engineering.

The lift is increasingly gaining importance in our society as a useful and comfortable means of transport. Ever scarcer development areas, most of all in the larger cities, lead to ever taller built structures. The average age of the population is rising steadily and more and more people are limited in their mobility for reasons of age. The integration of physically disabled people is an important subject. Modern lift management is the solution for this and many other tasks.

Weber Lifttechnik GmbH has dedicated itself to the modern transport technology of the “lift”. As a specialist for electrotechnical engineering, we develop and plan control systems for every application area.

Team spirit, quality awareness and closeness to the market are the fundamental principles of our company philosophy. The know-how and dedication of our engineers, technicians and skilled workforce help us secure a firm place in the world of lift engineering.