Shaft installation systems


  • Pre-confectioned shaft wiring and travelling cables
  • Landing call and car tableaus
  • Magnetic shaft information systems
  • Installation-friendly digital absolute encoder shaft information system:

    • AWG-CAN with absolute encoder
    • USP-CAN with ultrasound technology
    • LSK-CAN linear shaft copying

  • Easy-to-install shaft lighting
  • Special wirings:

    • IP 54 protection level
    • Halogen-free
    • With greater functional integrity


  • Optimized systems for short installation times
  • Safety through quality and service-friendliness
  • Connector design prevents mix-ups

Time is money, more than ever before

Thought-through installation solutions, pre-confectioned connector technologies and our shift to the virtually wireless CAN bus technology all pave the way to short installation and start-up times.