Energy IQ: intelligent energy savings

Protecting the climate is the greatest environment policy challenge of our day. Man-made greenhouse gas emissions need to be drastically reduced. A considerable part of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are produced in energy generation. Which is why energy saving measures directly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Energy IQ is Weber Lifttechnik GmbH’s energy technology contribution to climate protection. Weber control units have been incorporating energy saving functions for years, such as the time-delayed deactivation of car lights after the ride, for example.

Weber Lifttechnik has developed a state-of-the-art lift control energy saving concept.  The result is a highly energy-efficient lift control system.

Energy IQ basic (without surcharge)

Energy savings of up to 50 % in stand-by operation

Energy IQ hardware:

  • WE1 electronic design based on energy aspects
  • Regulated power supply with a minimum efficiency of 90%
  • Auxiliary voltage source charging circuit powered by above power supply unit

Energy IQ software functions:

The WE1 lift controller enables the automatic activation of Energy IQ functions on the basis of ride statistics as well as their manual activation based on times and downtimes.

  • Automatic deactivation of car lights after an adjustable time period
  • Clock rate reduction if WEBER floor nodes (CAN) are used
  • Frequency converter “sleep mode”, e.g. Ziehl Abegg frequency converter

Energy IQ extended

Energy savings of up to 90 % in stand-by operation
The extended design offers all the features of Energy IQ basic plus the following functions:

  • Deactivation of the entire control computer apart from the main processor
  • Deactivation of door controls (only for self-retaining doors)
  • Door speed reduction (depending on door type)
  • 3-stage cabin light reduction
  • Deactivation of the location displays
  • Reduction of relevelling processes (with car door closed)
  • Ride speed reduction in ENERGY IQ mode (DCP-04 and/or CANopenLift DSP417)
  • Effective lift utilization in group mode

Energy IQ – the intelligent energy saving system for lifts

Low energy consumption, activation of components in stand-by operation: with Energy IQ, you will be making an important contribution to environmental protection while also going easy on your wallet.