Our helmsmen for the most important tasks on board

WE 408, concentrated intelligence in a doorframe format

The WE408 is the chameleon amongst lift controls. It will perfectly adapt to the technical environment and leave no wishes unfulfilled.


WE-touch – equipped for the future

WE-touch is the most advanced lift control right now. Based on a Linux operating system, it hardly knows any limits.


Queen Elizabeth 2

Ship elevator

Lift controls from Weber Lifttechnik safely navigate the guests and crew to the desired level. A prestige object such as this proud cruise liner calls for particular reliability. Which is why we were so delighted to be invited on board.




Clients we have already been permitted to “lift”:

National Theatre, Munich

Stage lift

Jänschwalde power plant

Lifts as per power plant standard

Lippendorf power plant

Lifts as per power plant standard