WE 408, concentrated intelligence in a doorframe format

The WE408 is the chameleon amongst lift controls. It will perfectly adapt to the technical environment and leave no wishes unfulfilled. Be it in a narrow doorframe or conventional lift control format, it will enable your perfect integration of modules in the lift system.


The WE408 is a CANopenLift controller. The easy integration of CANopenLift modules and their secure data exchange were decisive for the assertion of this bus standard in lift engineering. The system is rounded off by an automatic module recognition and its uncomplicated parameterization facility.

The control system is supplemented by a DCP and RS2323 interface, as well as I/Os for integrating conventional modules.


The system is virtually unlimited in scope where the software is concerned: be it as a group lift, special hospital lift or as a car lift, the WE408 will feel at home in every area. Special requirements can also be implemented.

Convenient status monitoring

The logic-based menu structure and many help texts and messages are self-explanatory and permit seamless and independent work.


Your customers are located all around the world. Which is why the languages German, English, Dutch, Polish and Turkish are already integrated at delivery. 


The EnergyIQ option will provide you with an energy-efficient lift control technology that saves the user money while also being a good contribution to climate protection.

Fast and faultless installation

Plug & use means for you: installation cost savings. Install the preconfigured control elements, plug in the cables, start up – it couldn’t be easier!

Modular manufacture:

  • Short delivery periods
  • Consistently high quality
  • Favourable price-benefit ratio

This way of manufacturing has the advantage that basic modules can be produced in larger quantities, and then expanded with modules to meet the customer’s requirements.

Key data:

  • 127 stops maximum
  • 5m/s maximum travel speed
  • Decentralized group systems, up to 8 lifts without central computer
  • Meets the standards EN 81-1/2+A3; EN 81-20/50


  • Powerful, modern processor
  • CANopenLift interface for:

    • Absolute encoder shaft copying (AWG)
    • Frequency converter
    • Calls and displays
    • Group integration

  • EnergyIQ energy saving modes

Structure: WE408 compact control

Consisting of:

  • Control computer
  • Safety circuits

    • UCM
    • Relevelling/landing with early door opening

WE408 expansion modules

  • Car computer
  • IO modules


  • High security thanks to installation ride modes
  • Menu-navigated TÜV test
  • Remote control and data backup on the mobile phone in protected WLAN area

Ride comfort

  • Direct landing with frequency-regulated cable systems
  • Efficient algorithm for group controls


  • Remote control access by modem, Ethernet or GPRS

WE 408 – Concentrated intelligence in a compact doorframe format

The WE408 is based on the modern CANopenLift standard (CiA 417). It is a compact controller unit with safety circuit and UCM monitoring. The slim and compact design also predestines it for installation in doorframes. It is suitable for regulated and unregulated hydraulic and cable elevators.

Technical data

General data:

  • Meets the standards EN 81-1/2+A3; EN 81-20/50
  • 127 stops maximum
  • 5m/s maximum travel speed
  • Decentralized group systems, up to 8 lifts without central computer

Electrical data

Supply voltage: 24V DC

  • 8 inputs, 24V DC, freely configurable
  • 8 outputs, 24V DC, freely configurable
  • 16 I/O interfaces, 24V DC, freely configurable
  • Safety circuit inputs 230V DC
  • Safety switching inputs 230V DC
  • 4 preselection relays (NO contact)
  • 4 freely programmable relays (CO contact)
  • Input for PTC thermistor


  • CAN 1: connection for frequency converter, car computer, door controls and absolute encoder shaft copying
  • CAN 2: connection for external calls and group integration
  • RS485 interface: e. g. DCP 3 to 4
  • RS232- Schnittstelle: z. B. zur Leittechnikanbindung
  • RS232 interface: e. g. for connecting control systems
  • Network connection: (LAN, 10/100 MBit) full duplex
  • USB host: for connecting USB sticks, modems, Bluetooth™ or WiFi adapter
  • USB device: for connecting laptops for diagnosis and software updates


  • Illuminated LCD graphic display with menu-navigated plain text user interface
  • 7 navigation buttons for:

    • Navigation in service menu (5 buttons)
    • Parallel navigation in call menu and/or info menu (2 buttons)


The WE 408 harbours an extensive range of standard and special functions.


  • Parking rides
  • Direction rides
  • Dynamic fire event ride
  • Firefighting ride
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Hazmat transport
  • Air lock function
  • Landing chair control
  • Energy-IQ energy-saving function

Customized special solutions expand the software portfolio.


Multi-stage access authorization by way of passwords possible.

Service features (excerpt)

  • Permanent status display for:

    • Preselection relays (3)
    • Doors (3 max.)
    • Car location
    • Travel direction
    • External call control
    • Safety circuit

  • Fault, maintenance and report ring buffer up to 128 entries:

    • Fault type with floor information

      • Time stamp (date & time)

    • Signal image
    • Appliance
    • Frequency
    • Maintenance event

      • Time stamp (date & time)

  • Maintenance intervals definable by:

    • Rides
    • Hours
    • Date

Installation support:

  • Installation ride by way of software settings and installation bulb (no bridges need to be provided)
  • Automatic learning ride
  • Colour-coded wiring diagrams
  • Preconfigured shaft copying, travelling cables, shaft wiring and tableaus

Multilingual menu system:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish

Remote system control and/or diagnosis (optional):

Remote system control and/or diagnosis by WLAN/Ethernet with mobile, tablet or PC.

Computer dimensions:

315 mm x 100 mm x 80 mm (L x W x H)