Availability of replacement parts. We won’t leave you out in the rain

The use of high-quality and technologically innovative components guarantees you a modern WEBER product and high product reliability. But the long lifetime can also leave its marks on relays and contactors, while external factors such as surges cannot always be excluded.

For just such cases, Weber Lifttechnik GmbH maintains an inventory of replacement parts that are quickly available to you. As you can see in the table below, we are also able to provide replacement parts for control units produced over 25 years ago. The main boards and power supply units for the older controller generations are in stock, while special, expansion and adapter boards can largely be manufactured as needed. Where electronic components are no longer available, we will redesign some boards to ensure the availability of replacement parts for you.

Current control types

Replacement parts are available

WE40804/16 -
WE10805/14 -
WE102/11 -

Control units phased out of the delivery programme (series)

Replacement parts are available

WEBIT-C05/99 -
WECON12/95 -
WECAN11/05 - 05/13
WEBIT04/98 – 03/00
WECONOMIC10/97 – 12/98
MVLC06/88 – 06/98
MLC 208/87 – 12/98
MLC 107/87 – 04/97

Board repair

Repairing the board is often a cheaper alternative to a new replacement part. And it may be the only feasible solution if the board series has been discontinued. We will check if your board can be repaired, you will get a cost estimate and you will decide.

Please keep the wiring diagram number available for your enquiries and orders.

Information about our board service is available from:

Sales department

Andreas Grimm

 +49 5353 9172-42

Brigitte Hartmann

 +49 5353 9172-41

Thorsten Schlottke

 +49 5353 9172-43

Potsdam service department

Mike Untenzu

 +49 5353 9172-71

In urgent cases you can also pick up replacement boards directly from our factory, as well as our service office in Potsdam. We count on your understanding that the Potsdam service office of interest for greater Berlin is unable to stock the entire range of replacement parts. Please contact Mr. Untenzu beforehand in this regard.

Our service department is available at the telephone number 05353 9172-0

Please keep the wiring diagram number of your system ready for your enquiries.